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>>HLGuard Development meldet sich zurück...:
Da man in Sachen HLGuard das letzte halbe Jahr nichts gehört hat, freut mich diese Meldung ganz besonders.

Für diejenigen die dem Englischen nciht mächtig sind nur kurz gesagt:
An HLGuard wird wieder gearbeitet.

Zero3Cool hat folgendes geschrieben:

For over a half year HLG dev has been on hold, mainly due to my lack of time, but that is about to change now. tintin, the very same person who made our website, has returned from behind his damp rock, and is once again back in the scene, and has chosen to give a hand with HLG dev . I will stay at the sideline, but the main progress will be made by tintin.

However, a lot of things have happended and a lot of things have changed over the past half year. Here is a quick overview of some important points:

· From now on, HLG will have nightly builds available to the public. This will allow quicker updates for eager users and hopefully more and better feedback to the devs resulting in a better product in the end (we hope ). For more info on this matter, keep an eye on our IRC channel and our HLG forums.

· The SteamBans client has been (temporarily) removed. It was hopelessly outdated, but our hope is to implement the newest version once again, i'll leave that to tintin to deal with.

· The speedhack block and aimwarn system will still be missing for HLG untill they eventually have been rewritten.

(No, it's not a joke )
Quelle: www.thezproject.org

Geschrieben von Destro
am Montag den 29. Mai 2006 um 19:32:58 Uhr

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Re: HLGuard Development meldet sich zurück... (Punkte: 1)
von Screamer (ScreamSchrei@gmx.net) auf Montag den 29. Mai 2006 um 19:45:02 Uhr
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